Project Details

Production company: A teamworx production for Sat.1
Directed by: Dror Zahavi
Produced by:  Ariane Krampe, Dr. Jürgen Schuster
Starring:  Heino Ferch, Mélanie Doutey, Kostja Ullmann, Merab Ninidze

It is the mid-19th century: up to now, Heinrich Schliemann (Heino Ferch) has attained his fame and fortune more as a highly successful businessman rather than as a famous historian. Yet since his earliest childhood days, Schliemann has been exhilarated by a dream: he wants to find the city of Troy described by Homer. He has one advantage over his antagonists: his willpower can literally move mountains! Schliemann buys himself a wife, the 18-year old Greek woman Sophia (Mélanie Douty), and then actually stumbles upon the famous treasure of the Priamo. And he finds even more: the sincere love of a woman who at his side, develops from a foreign beauty into an equal partner.

  • Client

    Gold Eye Themes

  • Skills

    • Design
    • Photography
    • HTML
    • jQuery
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